Project Setup (complete)
  • Create initial database tables
  • populate initial master data
  • create database scripts

0.1 Release (complete)
At the end of the 0.1 release, the dogfooding can begin.
  • We can create users using VS's user admin tools
  • We can create projects
  • We can create feature requests, with priorities
  • We can create subtasks, with statuses

0.2 Release (complete)
  • A Sprint planning screen is available
  • We can organize features into sprints and provide time estimates
  • We can arrange users into Scrum teams
  • We can change the status of a subtask
  • dev team members can claim features they're working on

0.3 Release (in progress)
  • Auditing/logging for subtask updates
  • A burndown chart is available

0.4 Release (in progress)
  • Sprint overview page with feature and subtask statuses

0.5 Release
  • Scrumboard View
  • Planned first public release

0.6 Release
  • Drag and drop in scrumboard view

0.7 Release
  • Status Maintenance Page
  • Priority Maintenance Page

0.8 Release
  • Integrate or create user admin tool

0.9 Release
  • Auditing and logging functionality for other features
  • Finalize DB creation scripts

1.0 Release
  • Test and resolve open bug issues

Open For Discussion
  • Fork to support DNN or MojoPortal add-in?

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