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Where's Scrumr 0.5?
The 0.5 release is slated to include a simple burndown chart, and we're evaluating two charting libraries. One is VisiFire, a Silverlight/WPF library which is totally cool, and the other is the Microsoft Chart Controls. We want to make a good decision here.

Project Description
Scrumr is a lightweight web-based scrum tool which does not require Microsoft's Team Server to operate. We're a small department, and don't have Microsoft's Team Server, but still need to collaborate and manage. That's why we're building this tool.

In addition to being a useful tool (we hope), this is also a learning project for one of the development team. We've designed the code to be simple and uncluttered, and early versions are strong in the basics of OOP. Later features will incorporate more advanced technologies, such as ASP.NET Ajax, Linq and Dynamic Data.

If you don't know what Scrum is, don't download this software yet. Instead, learn a little about Scrum. The links below serve as a good introduction.

Scrum in 5 Minutes
Diagram of the Scrum process
Reusable Scrum Presentation
Agile Development With Scrum (registration required)

Additionally, the following references are also recommended:
Agile Software Development With SCRUM
Agile Project Management With Scrum
Agile Estimating and Planning

Project Resources
Development Environment

This is the first project under development by the Code Longhouse, a new user group that focuses on practice, giving devs a chance to expand their skills and check out new things they may not be able to examine in their daily job. We create or contribute to open source projects, so our learning benefits the greater community, too. For more information on Code Longhouse, please visit

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